Lágrima - a work in progress - Entry 02

Tutorial / 04 December 2018

This entry covers a quick tip for creating a decorative window.


Been super busy with stuff but I managed to find a tiny bit of time to put together a decorative window element inspired again by the original Vladimir Ishelin concept but with my own flavor thrown in.

OG inspiration...

There are numerous ways to approach modeling an object like this however I wanted to take a new approach so I started with creating a black and white mask by frankensteining some existing alpha masks from one of Jonas Ronnengard's collections. Once I was happy with my positive/negative space ratio I brought this alpha into ZBrush...

Once imported, on the Alpha tab I went down to the Make 3D section, you can play with the MRes (resolution) and MSm (smoothness) and MDep (depth) to your delight.

Click on Make 3D and then create your Dynamesh in the viewport!

At this point I added some alpha/heigh mask details and cleaned up some unruly geometry before exporting it as my high res mesh.

I then used the decimation master to lower the poly count while still maintaining my important silhouettes and peaks and valleys and exported that as my low res mesh.

Since this mesh will primarily be seen from the front the UVing was a super quick planar map from the front. I love using Marmoset Toolbag for baking so I took my meshes in there to bake the necessary maps to use in Substance Painter.

Once in Painter I used a mixture of materials that played nicely with my baked maps to give me the desired look I was going for. This is more of a middle/background asset so I didn't want to go detail crazy as most of it would be lost due to distance.

I certainly could optimize this asset more but I wanted to go for a more streamlined workflow and this will do nicely for now. I will also use this piece to create other accent pieces by using some creative cuts or modifiers.

Hope you enjoyed this lightning quick blog entry/tutorial! If you have any other hot tips using this workflow please leave a comment as sharing IS caring. Until next time people!