Et Observationis (WIP) Update 01

General / 07 January 2018

So after my recently completed Unreal scene which was time consuming and pushed my PC (and free time) to the limits I felt like doing something more intimate and detail oriented.

In my spare time I'm going to attempt to do a "beautiful corner". The idea came to my head partly because I was looking through a bunch of props that I made awhile back that I never found an ideal scene to use them in. A lot of these props are still rough, very basic blockouts. After playing with some compositions I decided to go with a small room with some giant machine and an examination chair as my anchor focal points.

From that point several potential narratives started flowing. I'm still developing the story that will steer me in the direction I want to go with for props, materials, decals, lighting, etc but some ideas I'm floating around can be seen in my PureRef in-progress reference gather below.

I don't want to bother with baking light maps again for a while so I'm choosing to go with Marmoset Toolbag 3 as my renderer of choice for this personal project. Still very early on but I figured I'd catalog my progress with this scene since I'm not usually (ever) the blog type.

Being a game artist even in my personal work I like to be efficient and I will be putting this scene up in the Marmoset Viewer as well so people can examine and critique to their heart's content ;-)

Wish me luck and a very happy and productive 2018 to you all!

-Alexander Alza-