Lágrima - a work in progress - Entry 01

Work In Progress / 03 September 2018

This entry covers inspiration, intention, and workflow.

Hello people! 

Hope everyone's in good mental and physical health. I must first say a huge thanks to everyone that took the time to like/share/comment on the social medias regarding my previous art piece Jezero and the subsequent blog entry I did on it. I've gotten a ridiculous amount of positive feedback and I'm super humbled by it all. Hugs not drugs.

Browsing around ArtStation as I tend to do, I stumbled on this really interesting concept art piece titled, Chapel sketch by Vladimir Ishelin: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/mrKmd This piece tickled my fancy in numerous ways.

1: I loved the colors and verticality of the piece.

2: The scene is small, manageable and very modular which works great with my slim-to-no time to work on personal art.

3: I've been curious about creating assets that I can sell online.

I wanted to use this new scene, which I've tentatively titled, Lágrima, as a starting point for creating a hopefully visually cool environment where all assets in it will be available for purchase.

As evident by the concept these jars are used quite frequently so I didn't want any bold details on them to avoid blatant repetition. Additive, more unique details may be introduced later and peppered in to break monotony where necessary. I only made a single candle and tweaked it to get three variants without looking like I'm warping the UVs too much.


- Create low-poly base mesh in 3dsMax and unwrap UVs.

- Create mid-poly from low-poly with support loops blocking in secondary shapes.

- Bring mid-poly into ZBrush for detail pass which results in high-poly.

- Bake high to low using Marmoset Toolbag 3.

- Bring baked maps into Substance Painter and export results as diffuse, normal, and RMA maps.

- Apply textures to low-poly mesh in Toolbag and arrange as needed for scene.

More updates coming "soon". I welcome any thoughts or critiques whether you're an experienced seller or new to art. Thanks for reading and don't forget to chew your food thoroughly.

Forever Yours,

Alexander Alza